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The place to go in Orange County for live, fresh, and fragrant Christmas trees!

These are questions we receive quite frequently from customers. To save you the hassle, we have compiled all of them into this handy page. If your question still isn't answered, feel free to contact us at richfieldpines@gmail.com.


What type of trees do you sell?
Monterey Pines. Monterrey Pines grow naturally in various parts of California.
Do you have Noble Firs?
Sorry, we don't have Noble Firs. Noble Firs don't grow naturally in the Yorba Linda climate. Noble Firs are native to the mountains of Oregon and Washington, so any Noble Fir that you buy here will be long dead after the shipping process. However, Monterey Pines grow naturally here in Yorba Linda (with a little bit of watering). This means that you will receive a fresher Christmas tree if you buy from Richfield Pines.
How long do the trees last?
Assuming the tree has a sufficient supply of water, it will generally last 4-6 weeks after being cut
How is this helpful for the environment? I don't want to cut a living tree!
Shortly after the tree is cut, we plant a new tree in its place. This continues the cycle of the tree farm and the ability of the farm to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
How long does it take a tree to grow?
Depending on the conditions, it takes 4-6 years for a tree to reach 7 feet.


Do we have to cut the tree on the day of purchase?
No. We have a "Choose and Cut" system, meaning you can reserve a tree early in the season and cut it on a later date.
What kind of car works best for hauling a tree home?
Pickup trucks are the easiest. (Just throw the tree in the back.) Station wagons also work well (as does anything with a bike rack on top). But the reality is any car will do. Our team can work wonders with twine.
Do you deliver trees?
No. This has become too crazy in the past. However, we are very good at tying trees to cars.
Can I buy a tree in a pot so I can plant it at home and reuse it each year?
This year we do not have a surplus of potted trees, so probably not. We will do our best to accommodate you.
Can you pull tree out of the ground, roots and all?
Ah, we call this "Griswold style" after the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Unfortunately this is a Hollywood impossibility. The roots are roughly as long as the height of the tree, and they extend in all directions. The roots also become tangled with the roots of other trees.
After I set up the tree at my house, will a squirrel jump out?
We haven't had any reports of squirrels. (As soon as they hear the saws, they scramble.) However, be prepared to clean snails out of the tree, especially if you cut the tree on a damp day.
Can we cut down our tree ourselves?
Sorry, but no. For safety reasons we cannot let people run around with saws.
Do you sell tree stands?
Not anymore. The supplier that used to make our fine tree stands has bitten the dust.
Can you spray trees with fire retardant?
Yes. Please ask at the time you cut the tree.
Do you flock trees?

Farm and Personnel

How long have you been around?
1978 was the first year we opened. We value our traditions and are glad to see some families have incorporated our Christmas tree farm into their traditions. We have seen three generations of customers.
Are you family owned?
Yes! Richfield Pines is privately owned by the Dentino family. At any given time, you can see three generations of Dentinos at Richfield Pines.

Question not here?

Contact us at richfieldpines@gmail.com.